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The voiceover profession : how to become a French voiceover talent?

Professional voiceover talents : who are they and what is their background ?

Doing voiceovers is above all a profession and a French professional business. Being a voice -over talent has to be learned just like any other profession. A Voice is a musical instrument, you can have a beautiful instrument but if you don't know how to play it, nothing good will come out of it !

French voice talents are mainly French or French-speaking comedians who went through a special voice training or vocal coaching lessons to learn how to modulate their voice and become professional voiceover talents.

The voiceover talent profession is fascinating and is part of worlds that make people dream: audiovisual production, TV, radio, theater, etc... but don't be mistaken, becoming a French voice talent is not a piece of cake, and only after a long vocal coaching can one hope to make a name for himself in that profession.

In the voice talents world, many try and only a few make it ; it is estimated that only about twenty professional French voice talents can make a decent living out of their vocal worK. Professional Voice-over talents and voice-over comedians in general must have the following qualities : an out-of-the-ordinary voice of course, a definite delivery modulation ability and a wide flexibility towards the orders given by his customers, his casting director or artistic manager, a steadfast dynamism and an acute sens of accomplished work.

Voiceover talents can be vocal artists whith a wide vocal range who work in various fields
(radio and TV advertizing, multimedia, video production etc...) or else be very specialized in particular works : narration, commentaries, documentaries etc...


How to find and approach voiceover headhunters?

In order to approach your future customers and French voiceover headhunters you must have a demo CD with different samples of your voice, in fact the equivalent of a book for a model!
That CD must contain 6 to 10 excerpts which represent your vocal range as best as possible and your abilities as a voice talent.

The later being your only passport to a voiceover audition, you will need to register it with the greatest care; you will have to spend at least about ten hours with a voice professional who will give you guidance and advice on the creation of your audio toolkit.

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