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French voice talents, for what type of performance?

A French voice-over talent must be versatile. He or she can work in the following fields :

audiovisual, radio, TV, advertizing, audio, video production, post-production, postsynchronisation, multimedia, CD-rom, web sites and internet projects, museums, gps navigator, radiodirection, telephony, phone hold-on music, switchboard, events, conference, preview...

His or her services can be the following :
narration, commentary, singing, reading, reciting, speaking, lipping, doubling, synchronisation, dubbing etc...

Professional Voice talents are recruited by :

Advertizing agencies, production houses, recording studios, cinema studios, radios, TV channels; audiovisual production companies, web agencies, video production corporations, multimedia editing companies, independant headhunters, artistic directors of advertizing agencies, events communications companies and any company who needs a voice-over by a French or French-speaking comedian.


Voice training classes or voiceover coaching exist to train you to become a professional voiceover talent.

You can inform yourself by visiting our website.

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